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Paradox meant a lot to many of us.  For the past almost two years, we've been sharing our memories here. You're welcome to listen in; click on any of the links below.

Many of us here believe that there are some of you out there who are visting but not posting your own messages.   While that's perfectly understandable, we're disappointed that you haven't given us the pleasure of renewing our friendship with you.   It's true, too, that there were some tough times near the end of Paradox. Perhaps you're concerned that there are still some open wounds.  That was thirty years ago!  We've all grown more mature, wiser (and no doubt, more forgetful!).  Rest assured that no one will get jumped or "flamed" here.   The discussion board is what's called "moderated," which means that I can delete any inflamatory postings.

If you are concerned about anonymity, be assured that when you post, you choose whether to tell us your return e-mail address. Even if you type it in, where you live and who you are remain absolutely anonymous. There is no way I, or anyone else, can find you.

We'd like to hear from you. That means you: Hugh Hurst, Bob Coluni, Rob Clayman, Eric Landis, Norm Tracy, and, yes, Larry Carpenter, and all of the rest of you who eavesdrop.  Come on in and visit.  Share with us how you were changed when we spent those eight weeks together for one, two, or more years in the sixties...

Because the message list has grown somewhat lengthy, I have archived older messages. You should read the archives first so you can catch up on who's here and what we're up to.

Click here for the oldest archive              (March 1999 - December 1999)   

Next oldest archive.                                   (December 1999 - November 2000)   

Another archive.                                        (November 2000 - February 2001)

Yet another archive                                   (March 2000 - June 2001)

Another archive                                         (February 2001 - October 2001)

And still another                                         (October 2001 - February 2002)

The most another                                      (February 2002 - July 2002)

Another                                                      (July 2002 - July 2003)

Some more                                               (July 2003 - July 2004)

More                                      (August 2004 - January 2005)

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Because we were plagued with spam on our discussion board, we've switched to a new one. You'll have to register to post (or you can send me email and I'll post it)

OK, now that you've read the archives, post us a message!

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